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Trailer concrete pump - KCP T 90

 - KCP - čerpadla betonové směsi

Title: KCP T 90
Categories: Trailer concrete pump
Producer: KCPPUMP

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Maximum outputrod side81 m3/hod.
piston side54 m3/hod.
Concrete pressurerod side71 bar
piston side105 bar
Concrete cylinder diameter200 mm
Stroke length1600 mm
No. Strokes per minuterod side27
piston side18
Hopper capacity650 L
Hydraulic systemClose-Circuit
Hydraulic system pressure350 bar
Hydraulic tank capaciti340 L
Water pump pressure20 bar
Delivery line125 mm
Diesel engineDOOSAN
Engine horse power115 kW/205 ps
Total weight5250 kg


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Tel.:   +420 777764602
E-mail:   info@kcppump.eu


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