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Mobile concrete mixes - Mobile concrete mixers 7 m3

 - KCP - čerpadla betonové směsi

Title: Mobile concrete mixers 7 m3
Categories: Mobile concrete mixes

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Phone contact: +420 777764602
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- on chassis MAN, MB

Technical specifications - standard equipment concrete mixes
Hydraulic system: gearbox (ZF), hydraulic motor (Rexroth) and hydraulic pump (Rexroth). Hydrogen-sensitive drum to rotate the bogie frame, consisting of thick propeller hydraulic pump with a smooth setup, a hydraulic motor with a constant capacity, planetary gearbox and oil cooler with integrated oil tank with a capacity of 10 liters.

1. Directly or shaped frame
2. 7m3 capacity drum, a drum made in accordance with DIN St52-3 (thickness 8, 4.5, 3mm)
3. Openings for cleaning drum
4. Spiral mixing blades made of wear resistant steel with high life
5. Pressurized water tank - 400 liters volume
6. Double water terminals (ends)
7. Hose with nozzle for surface cleaning concrete mixer
8. Filling hopper with resistive plate
9. Rubber lid on the edge of the filling hopper
10. Unloading dump with resistive plate
11. Rubber lid on the edge of the unloading hopper
12. Attached unloading trough to channel: approx 180 ° horizontal and 30 ° vertical
13. Adjusting screw (auger) troughs
14. Two extension bed with handles
15. Aprons (independently)
16. Rubber Aprons
17. Rubber apron and the auxiliary frame
18. Complete with cylinder casing made of durable steel
19. Ladder with platform and sliding ladder
20. Electrical installation 24V
21. Steering mechanism for concrete mixer:
- Speed control drum (mechanical system)
- Engine speed (electrical system)

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Tel.:   +420 777764602
E-mail:   info@kcppump.eu


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